Ultra sound Underwear lei

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Min. Order:1 pc
Keywords:Slice the lace , Drill a hole automat , Special result
Origin:Made In China
Brand:Fujida Ultra sound

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Company NameShen Zhen Cosmos Fujida Machine equipments CO., LT
Country/Region:Guang Dong - China
Business Nature:Manufacturer
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Product Description

Product brief introduction:
Fujida -2inches computer standard type - ultra sound lei silk underwear lace machine:
Basic parameter:
1, work power supply:220 ±s a 10 As( the inside places the lv an electric circuit)
2, input the power:2500 ws( three file powers are adjustable)
3, output the frequency:18KHz
4, circulate the speed:0-8 ms/ min( the speed is adjustable)
5, valid a breadth:0-50mm
6, go together with to use to spend the mold:Adapt to the flower mold of an every kind of width( include 2 inches of standardses mold and diameters add the cu flower mold)
7, environment temperature:-10 ℃ - 41 ℃
8, whole machine weight:Net weight 150 Kgs: pack total and heavy 200 Kgs
8, wood a size:A the 1500 mms of ×( high)

It is basic to install:
1 , super and orotund an occurrence machine in new a computer intelligence type;
2 , six slices of chips that original package craft make into combines, lifting a hand to stronger;
3 , adopt to import special metal alloy steel circular han head, can revolve the design, the service life ratio imports the machine stronger;
4 , multi-function flower mold an and levels are tiny to adjust the organization;
5 , electricity cabinet type machine, beautiful hard, the convenience supports to maintain usually;
6 , the large machine a system can also install the big diameter flower mold( ¢ 50mm)

│ this machine characteristics:
1 , the super a power is strong and big, biggest amount to a han for, third file powers are adjustable, adapting to different material and thicknesses slices the request;
2 , the inside places the super a protection system in computer xin a many roads, insuring the host safety stability;
3 , possess singly the patent technique, the 18~20 KHzs changes can machine,6 slices of press to give or get an electric shock the porcelain and ceramics flap the son, lifting a hand to stronger;
4 , the flower mold adjusts the even organization quickly and cans install the diameter of cu that add a system spends the mold, can create every kind of characteristic lace, craft flower an etc..

Ultra sound underwear lei silk machine is cut flowers side, Drill a hole that a kind of professional underwear profession lei silk appropriation machine equipments. pass to design to anticipate the underwear with meticulous care to the ultra sound appropriation molding tool empty, the silk of lei , can also arbitrarily the transformation pattern pattern burn to print the special result in etc. in result!

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Ultra sound lei silk underwear machine

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Ultra sound machine equipments:4000
The Yasini has no to sew the underwear series:12
The Fujida reaches the bottom steel molding tool:240
Ultra sound Christmas festival gift:1
The clothing assists to anticipate - flower slice/ lace:0.63
Trademark/ very hot gold:1.3

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